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Terms & Conditions

Legal Information

VGP Marine Kingdom expects your cooperation with the following provisions.

1. The use of VGP Marine Kingdom’s facilities is completely at your own responsibility. VGP Marine Kingdom does not hold any liability for any kind of damage to your personal belongings. We are not responsible for the loss of mobile/camera/any gadget, gold rings, gold chains, bracelets theft, disappearance or alteration of any form to any of your belongings.

2. You are responsible for any kind of damage, loss, theft or alteration of any form to VGP Marine Kingdom property occurred due to your violation/non-compliance or negligence to the general and regulations of VGP Marine Kingdom

3. You may be photographed and/or video graphed while you are enjoying at VGP Marine Kingdom. Those photographs and video recordings may be used by VGP Marine Kingdom for marketing and promotional campaigns. Claim for any monetary compensation will not be entertained in this case. Please contact our VGP Marine Kingdom staff during any emergency. Our emergency helpline numbers are – +91 89399 32222



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1. Patent

2. Trade name

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6. Design

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8. Database right

9. Copyright

10. Moral rights

11. Knowhow

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13. Any classified information

No section of the website must be published or replicated without seeking permission (in written) of VGP Marine Kingdom. ‘Published or replicated’ stands for imitation or forgery by photocopying, printing, offset printing, microfilming or in any electronic, digital, optical or any other form on behalf of a particular organization, company, institution/private firm or publication in any newspaper and magazine or on air, television or any digital media.

The above-mentioned terms do not confer any permit to use the images, logos and trademarks published by VGP Marine Kingdom.


Rights to Changes

VGP Marine Kingdom possesses the right to

1. Effect changes to the entire or any section of the website anytime without giving prior notice

2. Change or remove the entire or any section of the website on temporary or permanent basis

3. Alter, remove or stop any software, service or promotion as declared on the website; this includes any previsions, licensing and pricing, but is certainly not limited to them only.

4. Amend or stop any promotional discount vouchers or coupon codes; VGP Marine Kingdom does not hold any liability towards user regarding such changes or removal.

5. Introduce changes to the General Terms and Conditions Agreement anytime without any prior notice; VGP Marine Kingdom considers user’s continued use of the website subsequent to the changes as their total consent to the changes.


Cancellations / Refunds

1. Tickets are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable, non-redeemable for cash and non-replaceable, if lost or stolen, and will be void if altered.

2. Prices and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

3. No two offers can be clubbed together. However, VGP Marine Kingdom in its sole discretion may allow certain offers to be clubbed together.

4. No-Show: Please note that the Park tickets are issued only for the date as mentioned thereon. These tickets cannot be used on any other date and no refunds shall be given for unused tickets.

5. A ticket once sold cannot be altered or cancelled.

6. In case of loss or theft of tickets, VGP Marine Kingdom shall not refund, replace, or redeem the tickets for cash. Altered tickets shall not be accepted at the entry counter of VGP Marine Kingdom.

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Season Pass

Price: 1200

Terms and Conditions

  • Avail 2 General Entry Tickets for Pass Holder only
  • Valid for 6 months
  • 15% Discount on Entry Tickets (up to 7 guests)
  • 15% Discount on Scuba Diving, Souvenir Shop, Popcorn & Water (Only for Pass Holder)
  • 10% Discount on Events

Book Tickets

Total Amount :

Pay via:

General Entry Terms

  • We are open everyday. Timings between 9:30AM to 8PM
  • Ticket valid only for the date of purchase.
  • Prices subject to change without any prior notice
  • Age limit: Open for all.
  • Height limit: FOR JUNIOR (90cm To 125cm- HEIGHT)
  • Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • Rights of admission reserved.
  • With the exception of infant food and water, outside eatables and drinks are not allowed inside the aquarium. Food is available in and around the premises
  • Photography and videography is allowed for personal use ONLY. Special permission is required for commercial activities.

Entry Ticket Terms & Conditions

Virtual Tour Terms & Conditions

• On purchase of the ticket, an email containing the registration link to select a day/time slot will be sent.

• The tour will start exactly on time. Please ensure you arrive 20 minutes prior to your selected slot, as we will need to verify your ticket details.

• Only one device will be allowed per ticket.

• Only chat communication allowed. Voice & Video for all visitors will be switched off.

• Maximum 100 participants will be allowed to enter per tour.

• In the event
a) You are unable to attend it,
b) Unable to enter due to full capacity or technical reasons
Please contact customer support at +91 89399 32222 with your ticket number.

• Tickets once purchased cannot be exchanged or refunded

• Any misconduct during the tour, will lead to immediate removal.

• Recording and sharing of the tour is strictly prohibited. In the event, the same is found on publicly online, legal action will be taken.