The Rain forests create a tremendous amount of precipitation and downpour. Which creates giant rivers, streams and lakes. And these water bodies serve as a natural habitat for a great many aquatic life.

Our ‘Rainforest’ habitat houses fish that call the rivers and lakes in the rainforest their home. They come from as far as the Amazon river in South America, the Zaire in Congo and many other places across the world.





This fish takes the face of an alligator and the body of a fish, and therefore the name. Known as the largest among its seven cousins, it can reach up to 10 ft in length and 140 kgs in weight. Please don’t mistake their looks; but they almost have never attacked humans.

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Primarily piscivores, they hunt during the night for the vulnerable fish. Thanks to their double rows of sharp teeth, they can also ambush and snack on unsuspecting waterfowls floating on the surface. But in VGP, all their food comes in a platter.

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The alligator gars now live only in North and Central America. And that makes them a rather rare species today.







I am a species of cichlid fish that is endemic to southern India and Sri Lanka. Young Orange Chromides feed on mucous coating of their parents; this is essential for the small fry survival. I am more often seen on a plate than in an aquarium. But hey, I am also a great treat to look at. And did you know that I am the official state fish of Kerala? Guess my name.

my diet

It’s diet comprises both plant and animal matters. The species mainly feasts on aquatic plants, but it doesn’t mind the occasional mollusk and other animal matter.

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A Cichlid fish, the Chromide is from freshwater and brackish water in southern India and Sri Lanka. Many have been introduced in various parts of the world, including Singapore.





Think the Sea bass has a big family? Meet mine. We are a family of 1,300 known species. And you can find us at VGP Marine Kingdom. Unlike many others, we have one nostril on each side of the head instead of the usual two. We are mouth breeders, which means we carry the eggs in our mouth until hatched.

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Cichlids are a little like humans, there are both vegetarian and non- vegetarian species. While some feed on algae and plants others feast on fish and insect larvae.

where I'm from

Cichlids are primarily freshwater fishes found in tropical America, mainland Africa and Madagascar, and southern Asia. Majority appear in great diversity in the major African lakes.

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