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Some habitats form rivers, but this one is formed by rivers. Gorges are deep, narrow valleys formed by very, very fast running water. They are smaller canyons with a stream or river running along their bottom. Isn’t that gorgeous?

The Gorge habitat in VGP Marine Kingdom is put together piece by piece to mimic the original rocky valleys. This zone contains both natural and hybrid artisanal fish varieties mostly originated in the South Asian region.

I am the fish you have seen in many of the houses in giant tanks. I am a hybrid species known for my vivid colors and the bulbous head. I am mostly kept alone, as I like my space. Two of us together usually means a fight. In our variety, the boys are generally larger than the girls. But I bet you will like them both.

my diet

I eat food that helps in maintaining my pigmentation and improving the immune system. I like to be beautiful inside, out.

where I’m from

I was born from Malaysia’s love for colourful fish with protruding heads. Though first developed in Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, we are now popular among fish enthusiasts across the world.

Gaurami at VGP Marine Kingdom

I breathe a little bit like humans. My lung-like labyrinth organ lets me gulp air and use atmospheric oxygen. Breathe in, breathe out. It’s my power to survive, as I often inhabit warm, shallow, oxygen-poor water. And don’t think I am just beautiful. I am capable of being aggressive in a crowded ecosystem.

my diet

I am quite a foodie… I am mostly herbivorous in nature and enjoy being fed vegetables.

where I’m from

I am native to Asia. I can be found in regions ranging from Pakistan and India to as far as to Korea. And hey, now you can find me in Marine Kingdom too.

Rohu at VGP Marine Kingdom

You know me as rohu, but I am also known as rui and roho labeo. I am a carp variety found in South Asian rivers. I am both a part of the local ecosystem and the local cuisine. Since I can grow to a max length of 2 m and maximum weight of 45 kg, I am famous among aqua farmers.

my diet

People say I have a peculiar food habit. I eat zooplankton in the early stages and more phytoplankton as I grow. In my later stage, I become a herbivore column feeder, eating phytoplankton and submerged vegetation. I am a bit choosy like that.

where I’m from

My type can be found in the rivers of northern, central and eastern India. We are also present in the neighbouring fresh waters of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar.

Silver shark at VGP Marine Kingdom

Surprised by my look? Yes, I am a shark only by name. I got my special name for my torpedo-shaped body and large fins. In fact, I am the opposite of those big bitey sharks. I am a peaceful fish with many tropical fish as my friends.

my diet

I am a small fish with feeding on small plants and animals. I find phytoplankton, small crustaceans, rotifers, insects and their larvae quite yummy.

where I’m from

I come from the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, and Borneo. With the population dipping to 50% in the last 10 years (2009 – 2019), our kind is now in the list of endangered species.

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