Coasts are places where the land, rivers or streams shake hands with the sea. In other words, it is the transition point where one ecosystem joins the other. These water bodies are low in depth than the open ocean. Estuaries, mangroves, beaches and even rocky pools created by high and low tides.

The coastal habitat is home to families of animals and plants. This is not the deep ocean or the river, it’s brackish. Our coastal habitat is designed to reflect this natural habitat. It’s made of reefs, rocks and all things coastal.







My anal fin has a rather interesting long third spine which gives me the squirrel like feature. Apart from the fin, I am also famous for my large eyes. And while you may not be able to hear it, I make grunts that help me in warning my people and defending my territory. Maybe that’s why the humans also called us the Soldierfish

my diet

I am a bit notorious when it comes to eating. I hide among the reefs by day and feed more actively at night. I am a carnivore who follows the zoobenthos diet – feasting on crustaceans, mollusks, and gastropods. Sounds fancy, isn’t it?

where I'm from

We live in coral reefs in tropical and warm temperate seas. We are seldom seen on shallow reefs but more commonly and abundantly as the depth increases. We are found along the south eastern coast of the United States to Northern South America and Brazil.








I have the face of an alligator and the body of a fish, and hence the name. In total, I have about seven cousins (species), and guess who is the largest among them. I can grow max 10 ft in length and 140 kgs in weight. But don’t let that bother you, I have almost never attacked humans.

my diet

I am a fish that eats fish. In your term, a Piscivores. Call me wicked but I hunt for the vulnerable fish during the night. But hey, I can also sneak up on the unsuspecting Waterfowls and snack on them.

where I'm from

I am a fish that eats fish. In your term, a Piscivores. Call me wicked but I hunt for the vulnerable fish during the night. But hey, I can also sneak up on the unsuspecting Waterfowls and snack on them.





 I am that Clown fish you know as ‘Nemo’. I am known to live inside anemones that are known to eat fish. But not me. Why? The mucus layer on my skin protects me from the anemone’s toxic sting. With so many hero features, I wonder why they call me a Clown Fish.

my diet

I generally like plankton, mollusks, and crustacea in the wild. But how I eat it makes me interesting. I actually wait for my home (I mean the Anemone) to eat first, then it feasts on left overs, undigested or even the excreted. In that way, my house is also my host.

where I'm from

We make the reef our home. Out of the 28 known species of Clownfish, Most of us live in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the western Pacific.

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