5 Amazing Facts about Underwater Aquariums - VGP Marine Kingdom

5 Amazing Facts about Underwater Aquariums

Marine Aquarium is an underwater aquarium that houses marine plant and animal species in an enclosure, typically glass or acrylic. Marine aquariums have more stringent requirements than freshwater aquariums in terms of water quality and salinity and require more equipment for temperature control, lighting, etc. Such facilities include public aquariumsoceanariumsmarine mammal parks, and dolphinariums

VGP Marine Kingdom

VGP Marine Kingdom in Chennai has the distinction of being India’s first walkthrough underwater aquarium. This underwater tunnel aquarium is 70 meters long and houses both freshwater fishes and marine lives. Fishes of all sizes are housed in life-size tanks and overhead aquariums.


Based on the habitats of fishes marine kingdom here is divided into Rainforest, Mangrove, Gorge, Deep Ocean and Coastal zones.  The interior environment of the tanks, their temperature, salinity, lighting, everything is maintained according to the respective natural habitat. Life support systems for the fish also vary according to the five zones.

Underwater tunnel aquarium:

The underwater tunnel aquarium is located in the Deep Ocean zone. This tunnel aquarium makes you feel as if you are standing right in the middle of the ocean with fishes swarming all around you, including sharks. Even the remnants of ship wreck have been replicated to give a sense of authenticity.


The tanks that house the fishes are made of acrylic. Acrylic wall thickness varies with the volume of water inside.


The fish are fed live or dead feed according to their natural choice. Certified divers get into the main tanks to take care of the feeding of fishes. In fact, there are live shows of the feeding for the benefit of visitors at designated hours.

Safety of Fishes:

Utmost care is given to the healthy upkeep of the fishes. There are qualified microbiologists who examine the fishes to identify any diseases.  Affected fishes are quarantined and treated before they are put back into the general pool.

VGP Marine Kingdom thus provides an opportunity not only for entertainment but also to learn a lot about marine life and aquariums and the various factors involved in the upkeep of such a wonderful place

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